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Top Android Tablet Games for 2011

Top Android Tablet Games for 2011It is worth mentioning the gaming applications provided by several Android developers make the tablets your mobile gaming consoles. Android Market has a large amount of mobile games to choose from, but the top best games for 2011 include:

1. Angry Birds

One of the most famous as well as downloadable games developed by Android is Angry Birds. The birds will be angry in the particular game due to why green pigs steal their eggs. They want payback by spoiling the hidden pigs by shooting sling. Fantasy-wise, Angry Birds is the educational tablet game because it's the world of physics has been drilled into a very addictive and great game. The bonus is that you have this game for free in the Android Marketplace.

2. Honeycomb Ping Pong

Loved tennis during high school? You do not require a real platform to entertain this game currently as Ping Pong is already presented on the Android tablets screens. The Honeycomb Ping Pong actually seems to be an improved version on the classic game with two paddles as well as a ball bouncing around. The particular game comes with four distinct modes: single game, Wi-Fi play, two players, and eventually online games available.

In single play, you will be the player against the tablet. There will be four distinct difficulty steps from easy, medium and hard as well as up to experts. The two-player mode, apart from these, this allows for playing with another human player in the similar tablet. The third mode Wi-Fi game uses a Wi-Fi capability to play against another tablet on your wireless zone. The final mode, playing online, you can play with other players all over the world even if there is not anyone for playing within the wireless zone. This game is in the App Market for download for only $ 0.99.

3. Backbreaker THD

Would you like to go for the football teams, but simply cannot happen, the try-outs? Anyway, no need to worry because nobody will stop you directly to this game on your tablet. This Backbreaker THD was created by Natural Motion, so you can enjoy virtual nerve damage as well as bone-crunching football. Credit makes the game of incredible animations, seductive and spectacular HD graphics simulation technology.