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Teen’s Attraction on Computer Games

Teen’s Attraction on Computer GamesThe first games were created "Tennis just for two." It carry large number of games such as; tic-tac-toe, Odyssey, chess, Spacewar, etc, and all of these can be played on TV and consoles followed. Later developments included games which are called games with various levels, such as Prince, Pacman, Aladdin, claw, and so on. This is all about the demand skill as well as timing perfection.

What could be the better way a child will learn to play this with his full concentration? There might be the sense of delight for all parents on what the kid learned for using the computer. They found that computer games more exciting and interesting.

Growth in the industry:

In anticipation of growth around the unfamiliar area, played some companies such as; Sony, Nintendo, Ubisoft, Activision, etc. play an important role in the promotion of computer technology. They brought it to another level all together. Various accessory devices are made to play the games. Video games can be found in distinct forms, which include computer games.

PC Games- All of these games are on CDs commercially and can be downloaded through the Internet. These are available at a price that some are freeware. Many sites offer freeware game. Some of the popular freeware games are Fifa, Harry Potter series, SimCity, Battlefield, Mirror Spiderman series, Arkhamcity, Batman, Splinter Cell Conviction, Edge, etc. You can check for new releases and upcoming games from these sites.

These online games are created and uploaded by various websites. These are two categories of paid as well as freeware. There are billions of online computer games available in the gaming market. These games are also easy to connect with multi-player games.

Today's computers are able to meet the high performance graphics of video games. With this enormous technology seems the world a smaller place. There is no need for the comforts of home. The broadband / mobile Internet and advancement in computer technology, this industry for further and higher growth will be provided.