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Computer Game Genre

Computer Game GenreCategories in the computer industry are used in group games on their style of game or game interactions. Genre in the gaming market set independently, which means that a game title as an action games, whether it can be classified as cars in a fantasy setting of wizards and goblins, or float a futuristic city setting and foreigners.

The following is a list of some popular computer gaming titles and descriptions for each genre.

Each of the categories can be up to several sub-divided, but it is not covered them in the particular list.

Action Games

Enjoying action games require quick reflexes as well as ability to solve obstacles quickly as well as sometimes under pressure of the hostile character. The action game is very open and category covers many types of games from the modern first-person shooter games, especially on how to fight the right fight or the way back to some early video games like Pong or Pac-Man is concentrated.

Adventure Games

Everyone loves to play adventure game set in a distant land with goblins, monsters and spells. Adventure titles were created, many of the first game. Beginning with text-oriented adventure games as well as develops into a massive role playing, adventure as well as puzzle solving game at present.

Adventure games generally require players to interact directly with the gaming climate, either by holding discussions with some of the other characters as well as by solving problems quickly move on to new areas.

Action-Adventure game

Action-adventure includes all the major aspects of the action as well as adventure genres. The games generally require the player for quickly solve simple puzzles, however being directly included in combat situations. These titles are often open stories in which an action can influence the starting of the story indirectly attributable not only the present situation however also on the story itself ends.


Role-playing (RPG) has come a great distance in the last 10 years, influenced in front of the original tabletop games pen and paper. Role playing is common in medieval or ancient, where players assume roles or mercenary adventure of travel and go on missions to obtain experience as well as progress from the game set.