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Computer Game and Game Console for online Gaming

Computer Game and Game Console for online GamingGaming consoles take the top position in the gaming market. Some of the most popular gaming companies like Sony, Nintendo and Microsoft modified the way people play video games. Previously it was common for everyone to enjoy pc games, occasionally against next person through the Internet.

Accessing those particular games was previously only available in your PC, but now large numbers of options are available there.

When consumers began to play online game consoles, companies feared the downfall of computer games. It was not the case. Gaming console carry some of the demerits as compared to PC games white it is played online.

Play options

Some of the distinct brands of gaming consoles are available in the game stores. Microsoft has Xbox and Xbox 360 last. Sony has PlayStation, PlayStation 2 and PlayStation 3 will be released in November 2006. Nintendo Game Cube. Although these all seem to be good consoles and the computer is already trying for merging the both like gaming PCs and game consoles. Sony played the vital role to manage and merge them in its game called as Need of Speed, adding game console players against computer gamers in online games. This game was completely successful. Gaming consoles don't have only cons though this carries some of the advantages which is far better than PC games.

Disadvantages of Gaming Consoles

All components are sealed in the gaming device. If it is a problem, you need to replace most or the entire unit, losing game data. When a console will be outdated, this cannot be upgraded without new console.

Moreover, a console can be a flash in the pan that you can only play one thing, games. Unlike PC there is no other use for game consoles. Some may, however, additional hardware, so DVD movie playback the only other option. The games are not transferable. You cannot have any Xbox game to play this in PlayStation etc.

Benefits of PC

The most popular advantage to PC games is the games. There are large number of types and alternatives for computer game as compared to other systems. When the PC has become the most reliable tool, which will easily support to download online games even with free of cost.