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Kid Friendly Games on Your Smartphone

Kid Friendly Games on Your SmartphoneIf you are a parent with a Smartphone, I'm sure you already know well. Children love to play games on smartphones. It has small fingers and the perfect size for pen almost every game. It's really new digital pacifier our generation.

The attraction between children and technology is sometimes a double-edged sword in our world. When parents want them to learn to use it and feel comfortable with it but at the same time, they do not want to pay their full attention.

As is the case for most things as a parent is a balancing act. Even if you need a little quiet in the car or on a date, and these can be a great temporary distraction. Based on a true experience, here are five great apps for kids. Your kids will love them and they should only be a few minutes you can be the deserved quiet time.

Angry Birds

The grandfather of applications and still be a hit with children. The game has a great history of back and easy to master game play is easy for small children. The game gets harder and the birds are getting more creative ways to get the pigs. This app fits children ages 5 to 18 years.

Fruit Ninja Free

This is a perfect game for kids who want to make a mess. And the key point of this game covers the fruit fly through the air as well as the players with their swords (finger), Cut the fruit into slices. As the game progresses, the fruit is faster and bombs it extra fun.

Drag Racing

Older children will enjoy drag racing over 50 cars in the game. Drag Racing offers short course racing with attitude. While especially suitable for older children, this easy game still has become a part of fun for every group of folks.

Tiki Kart 3D

One of the most interesting racing game in the gaming world can be taken as Tiki Kart 3D. This game is set around a volcanic landscape which involves 15 titles. The power-ups and traps option plays vital role to make the game more complicated and challenging. The controls seem to be mastered which will give fun to every group and age of people.

Basketball Shot

This game is for all of the sports fan, called as app Basketball Shot can be lots of single-and multi-player is fun. During this time based game you can compete against yourself or a friend. In this game accurate and fast typing to win the game.