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Android Smartphones with Countless Games

Android Smartphones with Countless GamesThere are number of alternatives to take care of your business and Google Android SmartPhone plays vital role with the introduction of T Mobile G1 or HTC magic which will add fun in your day. Some of the free smartphone games can be listed which are easily available in the Android market, which include;



This strange game is all about number guessing game which does not have any instruction, and should generally enjoyed with Side View mode. Numbers must be entered using the screen instead of keypad, which may seem a strange choice, but it means that it is fully compatible with the machine without one.


This is a kind of double-dimensional maze game where you must control the ball around with tilting the phone. Though simply, this game has few of the excellent use of accelerometer with the Android game for dating.


A potentially infinite game where you need to get her three forms of exchange of a match or two at a time. The scoring system depends on your play per spin ratio.


The mobile version of the classic board game is a decent version with everything you would expect. But the game also serves as an example of how difficult it is to drag and drop with a touch screen, each small loss of contact will be interpreted as a drop. It's only a little more play with mini-trackball.

Bonsai Blast:

Major goal of the Bonsai Blast game is all about shutting balls into an approaching line before people get to the boundary of screen. And the graphics should be fantastic, but with the aim of using the touch-screen to be little missed or hit.

Brain Genius Deluxe:

If you are looking for the better idea for Brain Training games, and then Brain Genius Deluxe can be the better solution where you need to love a wide variety of tasks as well as puzzles to complete. How to perform these tasks, you unlock different games, like Sudoku, Crosspix, sliding puzzles and riddles that you can play at your leisure.

The games take advantage of all the control functions of the phone except the keyboard, but if your phone has a mini-joystick, then you probably just want to use it is because both the accelerometer and touch screen can be frustrating.

Bubble Bash Demo:

This is a very similar game to Bonsai Blast, but this time the balls are simply free-floating and not come to you in the ranks. As in the previous game is the target mechanism is a little on the wrong side, but the graphics look pretty cool.